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Sunday 15 February 2015


Feb 15th 3:00pm

Coaster Theatre Playhouse

Jessie’s father is dead, her marriage ended in divorce, her absent son is a petty thief, her last job didn’t work out and, in general, her life is stale. As the evening unfolds she sets about tidying the house and making a list for her mother of things to be looked after as we discover what has brought her to this desperate place in her life. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize – this eloquent and ultimately shattering play explores the final moments in the life a woman who has decided that it’s no longer worth living.   This is a brutal, hard, thought provoking play with multiple facets. When first produced over 30 years ago the issue of suicide was not a subject frequently discussed and is not a topic easily broached to this day.  It can always be asked, "What would I do in a similar situation?" There is no one answer. No one really knows until they are there. In interviews with the playwright she says, "I felt with ’Night Mother that Jesse’s decision to commit suicide was quite brave. She finally decided that she could decide what to do with her life...The point was not to kill herself; the point was to take charge." " When approached about the irony that it looks like self-annihilation but it actually is self-activation, Marsha Norman responded, "For people who understand that, great; the ones who don’t will have another experience with it."  "... paintings don’t come with instructions.  You can’t say here’s how to perceive this." This play will mean different things to different people.  This is just one person's perspective walking in someone else's shoes.

Performance Schedule: January 30,31 February 6,7,8,12,13,15,19,20,21
Talkback Thursday: February 19th
All performances begin at 7:30pm, Sunday show starts at 3:00pm
Tickets: $15-$20
Box Office:  503-436-1242

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