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Play on the beach during Cannon Beach Sandcastle's 60th Anniversary weekend June 15-17 and join us in celebrating our country's independence at our Fourth of July Parade!


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North Coast Culinary Fest 2020

Purchase tickets- Early Beard Tickets starting January 1, 2020!


Friday, May 15

Welcome Reception 5pm-8pm

Join us at our “Regiception” and pick up your registration and swag bag while enjoying music, champagne, and a light snack.

If you cannot arrive before 8 pm please contact the organizer at (206) 914-1255Location: Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce 207 N. Spruce.


Exploration of Beer & Seafood 7:30 pm  21+ only

Public Coast Brewing- 264 Third Street Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Seafood and Beer? Yes, please! Will Leroux, Professional Chef and Master Brewer will share his brewing philosophy and take some of the mystery out of the chemistry and science behind flavor profiles to create beer pairings that maximize the flavors of beer and seafood. The workshop includes a brewery tour, tasting, and light sampling of beer paired with local seafood bites.


Cider and Cheese…What A Pair 7:30 pm  21+ only

Tolovana Hall- 3779 S Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

In this session, you’ll learn about cheese from Marc Bates, aka the Cheeseguy of the North Coast. Briefly, how and why one cheese is different from another. Then you’ll have a chance to taste several kinds of cheese paired with ciders to find a new favorite combo or ideas for your next gathering.


Whiskey Tasting at MacGregor’s 7:30 pm  21+ only

MacGregor’s- 100 E Second Street Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Are you a whiskey or scotch connoisseur? Do you want to be? No need to travel to Kentucky or further yet, Scotland, when you can learn all about it in downtown Cannon Beach.


Saturday, May 16


Wild & Urban Foraging 8:00am & 2:30pm

Cannon Beach Chamber Community Hall/Great Outdoors- 207 N. Spruce Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Don’t just think mushrooms! Wild, edible plants, berries, and greens are just the start. This two-hour workshop will begin indoors with a brief demonstration and introduction before heading out into the woods and hillside. This is an eco-expedition so please don’t touch. Please wear appropriate footwear for outdoor wet conditions and dress in layers.


Beach Foraging 8:00am & 2:30pm - SOLD OUT!

John Nelson, Executive Chef at the Meridian Restaurant located at the Headlands Lodge & Spa in Pacific City, will conduct an ocean/beach eco-foraging expedition. John is an avid hunter, fisher, trapper, and forager in the Northwest. He will lead an eco-expedition (so please don’t touch) the ocean shallows and beaches. You will gather for a brief discussion before heading to the beach. Please wear appropriate footwear for outdoor wet conditions and dress in layers.


James Beard’s Seafood Legacy with Jennifer Burns Bright 10:30 am

Tolovana Hall- 3779 S Hemlock, Tolovana Park, OR 97145

Northwest food historian and writer Jennifer Burns Bright will recreate and update some of James Beard's most popular seafood dishes, demonstrating how his legacy continues to make an impact on sustainable coastal cuisine. This workshop is semi-hands-on and a standing demo so please wear comfortable shoes.


The Career Path and Craft of Culinary Writing with Adam Sawyer & Judiaann Woo 10:30 am & 2:30 pm

Cannon Beach History Center- 1387 S Spruce St. Cannon Beach, OR

In the Career Path and Craft of Culinary Writing Workshop, Judiaann and Adam will detail how to forge a potential career path in the culinary media industry. From the craft of culinary writing and pitching story and book ideas, to what editors want, how to market yourself, and how to best utilize social media. Judiaann and Adam will give attendees the lay of the land and a roadmap for success during this interactive, hour-long workshop.


Real Wasabi: How to grow and cook with this fascinating plant  10:30 am & 2:30 pm

Inn at Cannon Beach- 3215 S Hemlock St. Cannon Beach, OR 97110

This workshop will be presented by Jennifer Bloeser, co-founder and CEO of Oregon Coast Wasabi, and will cover the history of the wasabi plant, its uses, and various recipes.  This workshop will provide information on the biology and cultural history of wasabi as well as its many uses.  Every part of the wasabi plant is edible and packed with flavor.  Wasabi is easy to grow and can be used in everything from cocktails to sushi.  Tastings of the recipes will be provided to workshop participants. 


Beelicious Honey with Jeff Garner 10:30 am & 2:30 pm

City Hall - 163 E. Gower Ave Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Jeff and Jennifer Garner, local artisan beekeepers, offer pure raw honey sourced throughout the Willamette Valley and Oregon. In this workshop, Jeff will connect you to the process of bees to honey, its sustainability, and the impact of bees in the agricultural world today. Demo, tasting, and discussion included.


The Merrior of Oysters with Maylin Chavez Chef and Owner of Olympia Oyster Bar 10:30 am & 2:30 pm

Christian Conference Center- 289 N Spruce, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Oysters are a celebratory and versatile ingredient, indicative of the environment they are cultivated in. Their merrior inspires time and place - transporting you to a beautiful salty ocean day.  In this workshop, guests will learn how to shuck like a pro, learn to distinguish the different varieties and species of oysters, and the dos and don'ts of handling oysters.  Chef Maylin Chavez' will also share and walk guests through preparing oysters with her celebrated signature oyster recipes including her one-of-a-kind Kataifi" Fried" Oyster. This workshop is semi-hands-on and a standing demo so please wear comfortable shoes. Be prepared to shuck oysters. Each participant is responsible for their own safety. Work smart.


Explore the Wonderful World of Tea with North Fork 53 Tea  2:30 pm

The Ocean Lodge- 2864 S. Pacific St. Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Join Brigham Edwards of North Fork 53 Tea to explore the wonderful world of tea through tasting, brewing, and conversation.  You will learn about the sustainable tea farms he and his wife Ginger encountered in their latest tea journey to Japan and their current project in developing the Oregon Coast's first tea farm.  Brigham will share 4 different Japanese teas organically grown by a 6th generation tea farmer from the famous tea region of Wazuka. He will demonstrate the difference between each tea in terms of processing, plucking, and seasonality. Taste the flavor that each tea produces through unique brewing techniques and compare tasting notes. Each tea will be paired with wagashi (Japanese tea sweets). Sample organic sencha, houjicha, wakocha, gyokuro, and ceremonial matcha.


Buttercream Piping & Fondant 2:30 pm

Cannon Beach Bakery- 240 N Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Cannon Beach Bakery, 2019’s Sweetest Bakery in Oregon, invites you to enjoy a hands-on experience with their professional award-winning Executive Pastry Chef, Janelle Kountz, to learn some tricks of her trade.  The workshop includes – basic instruction for piping flowers & cake borders.  She will also provide a tutorial on the do’s and don’ts while working with fondant. Each participant will go home with a sweet take-a-way.


Making & Shaking: Craft Cocktails 101 2:30pm  21+ only

MacGregor’s- 100 E Second Street Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Do your bartending skills need a boost? Learn trends and techniques for making delicious creative and thoughtful craft cocktails. Explore various spirits, syrups, etc. without getting too complicated and improve your cocktail crafting skills.


Progressive Dinners

Choose either a downtown or midtown location and be prepared to be wined and dined at some of Cannon Beach’s most charming delectable restaurants. Each chef will prepare a special entrée that will reflect their passion for food and love of hospitality. See the menus below. Appropriate beverages will be paired with each dinner. After dinner enjoy homemade chocolates at Cannon Beach Chocolate Café.


Downtown Rotation- 5:00pm, 6:30pm, 8pm

Bistro 263 N Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Chef Jack Stevenson

Braised Anderson farms lamb shank, pinot noir lamb jus reduction; smoked cheddar polenta


EVOO-188 S Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Chef Bob Neroni

Pan seared wild King Salmon, house Worcestershire; spring vegetable multi grain fried rice; spicy slaw, house pickled ginger


Sweet Basil’s Café-271 N Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Chef John Sowa

Braised pork belly and duck confit with port reduction; parsnip puree, zucchini squash, and corn casserole


Midtown Rotation- 5:00pm, 6:30pm, 8pm

Cannon Beach Café-1116 S Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Chefs Claudia Toutain-Dorbec and Pierre Toutain-Dorbec

Beef braised in a rich red wine sauce; roasted potatoes and spring vegetables with locally foraged mushroom; crusty freshly baked country loaf


Pelican Brewing-1371 S Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Chef Dustin Nord

Spring lamb, roasted and braised with root vegetables; fiddleheads, and ramps


Wayfarer Restaurant & Lounge-1190 Pacific Drive Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Chef Josh Archibald

Local troll caught pan-seared wild King Salmon; Meyer lemon aioli; spring vegetable and asparagus risotto


Dessert 9:30 pm

Chocolate Café- 232 N. Spruce Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Kelly Mauer and Danielle Shipp, new owners of the Chocolate Cafe, will provide you with a trio of delicious hand-made chocolate confections in a lovely gift box. Don’t leave without a taste of the Columbian, single origin Fair Trade 70% dark chocolate beverage.


Night Market After Party


Cannon Beach Chamber Community Hall- 207 N. Spruce Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Come and enjoy a fabulous night of culinary arts in Cannon Beach at the North Coast Culinary Fest Night Market. This pop-up market will feature some of the finest purveyors from the North Coast, music, and a no-host bar. Your entrance fee will include one drink ticket.


Sunday, May 17

Brunch at the James Beard Beach House  10 am-12 pm

Gearhart, OR

Celebrate James Beard and his culinary passions with a lovely catered brunch at his family’s original Gerhart summer home. Northwest food historian and writer Jennifer Burns Bright will discuss how the North Coast enabled Beard to share his love of coastal cuisine in classes and through letters to friends, helping to start a movement to relocalize American home cooking. Our gracious hosts the Fischer Family have opened up their private home for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Space is limited.


TBA Movie** Times Theatre & Public House  1pm-3pm

Times Theatre & Public House- 133 Broadway Street Seaside, OR 97138

**Movie selection is tentative at this time based on availability


Movie Inspired Dinner  5 pm-7 pm

EVOO- 188 S Hemlock Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Chefs Bob Neroni and Lenore Emery will prepare a unique culinary experience drawn from the cinema. Guests will kick back and relax while the plates, platters, and bowls are orchestrated in front of them, while the wine is poured and a sense of community ensues.


Purchase tickets- Early Beard Tickets starting January 1, 2020!



Q. I have a food allergy

A.  If you have any food allergies or restrictions please notify us immediately at (503) 436-2623. We can only accommodate the progressive dinners and the Sunday night dinner at EVOO and unfortunately not the workshops. 


Q. I signed up for an outdoor workshop but it is raining. Can I get a refund?

A.  Outdoor workshops will not be canceled or refunded due to weather. Please dress accordingly.


Q. Will I be able to forage myself?

A. No. Not without appropriate licensing and extensive training.