A person with a bicycle on the beach at sunset. Bicycle, person, and Haystack Rock all in silhouette.

Experience the Spring Unveiling Arts Festival and Fat Bike Festival this May in Cannon Beach!


Important Announcements

Cloud Painting - Oil


What to Expect:

Cloud Painting Workshop - Oil
Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of oil painting in our 3-hour Cloud Painting workshop. Much like painting, cloud watching can be soothing and create a calm state of being. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn or hone already existing oil painting skills. Join us for an enriching artistic experience where you’ll capture the essence of floating clouds with oil paint and brush on a wood panel or canvas. Working from a variety of Cannon Beach ‘cloud’ photographs, you’ll be guided with step-by-step instructions on how to achieve form and depth utilizing shading and highlight (tint) techniques. Developing an understanding of what different brush sizes, shapes, and strokes have to offer will go hand-in-hand with learning about the different ways to apply paint, using mediums to achieve specific effects (such as drying time), color mixing, and finishing.

Dianne Aoki - Artist Statement - Cloud Collection
Dianne Aoki is a Pacific Northwest artist whose works reflect the beauty of nature and the open-ended spectrum of personnel associations one might find there. She creates “collections” - all nature-themed - featuring found object assemblage constructions, and koi fish oil paintings, to name a few. In her latest “Cloud Collection” Aoki’s work soothes, having captured the comfort of clouds.

The instructor will provide all tools and materials

$100 + $20 class supply fee = $120