Yomassage (TM) Small Group Workshop

  • Address: 115 W Nelchena St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110
  • Phone: (541) 819-0579



What is Yomassage (TM)? 

?Yomassage is gentle hands-on massage therapy and mindfulness practices with a focus on the breath.  Students of Yomassage are placed in passive positions on a mat on the floor instead of on a traditional treatment table.  

In a small group environment and fully clothed, students hold each position for 5-8 minutes while a Licensed Massage Therapist performs manual massage on different parts of the body.  These techniques can improve joint range of motion, increase flexibility of connective tissue, and reduce compression on joint surfaces.  

What do I need to bring to the event or session?
You do not need to bring anything.  Mats, blocks, bolsters, massagers, and other props will be provided for you.  ?
What should I wear to the workshop or session?
Wear clothing that you normally would to a movement-type class.  During colder seasons, it's recommended that you wear layers and bring socks.  The room will be heated and blankets provided.
What's the cost and refund policy?
The cost is $35 for 75 minutes of shared hands-on massage therapy time, depending on the number of students registered. No refunds will be offered.  The workshop size is very small so space, props and time will be held for every ticket sold.