Upcoming Events and Important Announcements

Upcoming Events and Important Announcements

59th Annual Sandcastle Contest, June 9-11, 2023

Limited bus routes return as follows: weekday routes May 15, 2023 and weekend routes May 20, 2023.


Cynthia Wolf Photography

  • Dog Photography on the Beach
  • Cannon Beach, OR 97110
  • Phone: (214) 587-7686


My specialty and passion are celebrating dogs and their humans in custom photographic portrait landscapes on beautiful Cannon Beach. Are you traveling with your Dogs? Want to create a cherished memory on the beach with your pup? The awesome images of your furry companion and family are crafted into quality wall art that will make you smile, adding a bit more Joy to your Home or Office! There is something freeing and magical about dogs and humans playing on the beach. Creating a customized, fun & relaxed photo session experience for your Dog and her family helps me produce visually radiant & charming photographic art that your happy four-legged family member inspires. Want to learn more about the 3 Photo Session Options before we chat? Visit my Dog Portrait page on my website. Before we Book your Dog Portrait Photo Session, we will meet by phone first. So, give me a call, # listed above. The Book Now button is for booking a Discovery Call with me!