La Luna Loca


La Luna Loca is your gateway to the world's marketplaces and all their treasures! Our artisan-made clothing, adornments, jewelry and decor beat the rhythm of distant peoples in your heart.                                  You care about their work and their welfare as much as we do, which is why you appreciate that we strive to know the people who make everything that we sell. We buy directly from these artisans, forgoing the factory-made goods found in typical import stores. Join us now and see their work - your treasures - brighten your life and enrich theirs as the artists of the world keep their work and traditions alive. Miguel's Leather Bags are unique, direct from the artisan pieces available in the US exclusively from La Luna Loca. All mandalas and stones are unique to the individual bag and no two bags will ever be exactly alike. Since it is easy to fall in love with a particular style or color, please don't hesitate to write to us if your first choice has sold out! We'll be happy to see if we can unite you with your own special Miguel Bag from La Luna Loca! 100% Wool & Wool/Hemp Blends ● Hand Made in Nepal ● Sizes are Generous Small-XLargeLet's Go Green! Thinking of ways to beat the energy crisis at home? Hold fire before you turn up that thermostat and take your mother's sage advice:  Put On A Sweater!  La Luna Loca's Hand-knit Nepali wool and wool blend sweaters make a perfect budget booster and are always the right way to keep warm on the beach, at the mountains or right in town! Keep in touch!  Like us on Facebook and pass on the good word to your friends.  We appreciate that you think to share us with those you care about.



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