Tips for Visiting During the Summer

During the busiest travel season of the year, maneuvering a small coastal town like Cannon Beach can be a challenge. If you plan to visit during the summer, here are some ways to ensure an enjoyable trip regardless of how busy it is in and around town.

The most important thing you can do to ensure a great visit is to make reservations at your favorite hotel early. This will likely lock in a room of choice, avoiding having to settle for whatever rooms are still available, and will also usually guarantee you a parking spot.

Plan to leave your vehicle at the hotel or your chosen parking spot if at all possible and take advantage of the fact that Cannon Beach is easy to traverse on foot. Remember to pack light and bring everything you need for the day with you. (Don’t forget the sun gear!) If walking is a challenge, plan to utilize the local shuttle. Cost to ride is only $1 and route schedules can be found here:

If planning a day-trip to Cannon Beach, you should plan to arrive early. Traffic is often an issue, especially on weekends during the summer. Check traffic reports, bring a little patience and stay aware of other drivers, pedestrians and bikers, as they can often be distracted by the sheer beauty of the area while traveling to and around town.

Parking can also be a challenge during this time of year and the best places to find a spot are usually the larger lots. Best bets include the lots downtown off of Spruce near the Information Center and ponds; in midtown at Hemlock and Gower; and at the Tolovana Wayside. To avoid parking tickets, make sure to park legally and, if questions arise, look for one of the friendly Cannon Beach Police bike patrols for help.

For a less-crowded beach experience, check out the stretches of beach a little farther from Haystack Rock. Chapman Point to the north and spots south of the Tolovana Wayside often have less foot traffic. For a better mealtime experience, grab a picnic lunch at one of our great local markets or visit restaurants during off-peak times. Don’t forget to check out one of our legendary Cannon Beach sunsets before you head home and drive safely!

And remember to visit from October to May to experience all the appeal of Cannon Beach with fewer crowds!