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How to Enjoy Cannon Beach Weather Like a Local

People who love Cannon Beach know that enjoying this unique part of the planet is not just about visiting when the weather is sunny and dry. We think sunshine is overrated. Cannon Beach has a year-round cool and mild marine climate filled with dramatic skies, everchanging conditions, and, yes, rain. We love that about it. Although sunshine is always welcomed, we understand that only a rain jacket usually stands between us and the most authentic and transformative Oregon Coast experiences. 

Here are our top tips for how to understand the weather forecast like a local and not miss any of the spectacular opportunities that await:

#1) Understand the Forecast: 

We know that a forecast for mostly cloudy means to expect stunning sun breaks, and a forecast for showers can mean the most dramatic skies imaginable. Smartphone apps are helpful, but if you only look at the daily weather icon, you’re likely to think the sun never shines and the rain never stops. Use the hourly forecasts to choose the best times for your outdoor adventures. Sun breaks at the end of a stormy day often result in the most colorful sunsets with brilliantly lit clouds, an experience that can be life-altering. When in doubt, refer to tip number 2.

#2) Dress Like You Don’t Care: 

In most cases, the only thing that stands between you and some of the most incredible scenic experiences is the proper clothing. By dressing for the weather, our beach walks don’t have to be avoided or cut short by a passing shower, and that means we don’t miss the rainbows and the spectacular light show of sun breaks between weather systems. A hooded, waterproof rain jacket is a staple of locals. Add waterproof rain pants and waterproof shoes, and you will be amazed that you can enjoy the spectacular scenery in complete comfort during most weather events. Once you’ve tried it, like us, you might find it habit-forming to get out in it no matter the forecast.

So, gear up, and you might witness a dazzling rainbow arching over Haystack Rock, beams of light streaming through gray clouds casting spotlights on the ocean or the warm glow of the marine layer lit up by a cloud break on the horizon. These are some of the majestic scenes we love, and you will too.

#3) Rain Means Head for the Rainforest: 

Sunny days, or cloudy days with sun breaks, are great for the beach, but for us, there is no better time to experience the rainforest in Ecola State Park than when it’s wet or even during steady rains. The scene often includes light streaming in from above on our nearby rainforest trails, with the forest shrouded in a heavenly softness. Rich, green mosses soak up the moisture, and streams provide a magical soundtrack. The rainforest provides some friendly protection from wind and rain, but on the wettest days, you’ll want to be fully equipped with rain gear and waterproof footwear. We must admit that we like the mud and wear it as a badge of honor.

If the chance of a bit of rain is just too much for you, stick to our drier and sunnier summer season; but if you're up for an authentic Oregon Coast experience, we invite you to love it like a local during our magic season.

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