A person with a bicycle on the beach at sunset. Bicycle, person, and Haystack Rock all in silhouette.

Play on the beach during Cannon Beach Sandcastle's 60th Anniversary weekend June 15-17 and join us in celebrating our country's independence at our Fourth of July Parade!


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Built With Art in Mind

You don’t need to look far in Cannon Beach to discover a wealth of inspiring works of art or discover a trove of inspiration for your own artistic creations. From public paintings and sculptures on street corners to the natural beauty of Cannon Beach’s gorgeous landscapes to galleries and festivals, Cannon Beach is an incredible destination for artists and art lovers alike. Bursting with color, inspiration, and folks passionate about the arts, Cannon Beach offers an abundance of beauty that will leave you wondering how to fit it all into just one visit.

Art in Nature

For artistic inspiration of the natural kind, plan a stroll down the beach, a hike through towering spruce and western red cedar trees, or a visit to one of Cannon Beach’s public parks. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience,” which offers apt guidance for discovering Cannon Beach’s natural beauty. If you’re looking to create photographs, drawings, or plein-air paintings that transcend the ordinary, be sure to slow down and consider Cannon Beach’s surrounding landscape from different perspectives.

Rather than letting that gnarled piece of driftwood blend into the background, come in close to capture its texture and variegated hues. Instead of looking at the horizon through the trees, turn your view skyward to discover a verdant network of interweaving branches. Elevate an average photo of the ocean by waiting for the warm glow of sunset or by framing your shot with interesting branches, rocks, and tidepools in the foreground.

No matter where you turn your gaze, the landscapes surrounding Cannon Beach offer nearly inexhaustive opportunities to enjoy the area’s natural beauty and capture slices of it through your camera, pencil, or canvas.

Art Around Town

Take a stroll through Cannon Beach, and you’ll be met with an awe-inspiring variety of art. You’ll want to slow your walk to ensure you don’t miss pieces like Alise A. Looney’s “Contact” – a bright orange bench formed by the interconnected arms of two dynamic figures – at the intersection of South Hemlock Street and Coolidge Avenue. While strolling down Hemlock St., turn down the walkway between Windermere Real Estate and White Bird Gallery to see a vibrant mural by Rumi Tsuda depicting Cannon Beach’s community, culture, and iconic beach scenes. And don’t forget to occasionally look up, or you might miss whimsical details like the Chamber of Commerce’s jellyfish lamps and osprey nest chimney cap. Ensure you don’t miss any of Cannon Beach’s public art installations by taking advantage of a self-guided public art tour. Stretch your legs and feed your imagination with glimpses of the awesome public art Cannon Beach offers.

A Curated Approach

Cannon Beach is home to a stunning array of art galleries featuring a broad range of mediums, including oil paintings, sculpture, glass works, photography, and hand-crafted jewelry. Visit any of these galleries, and you’ll be met by not only a gorgeous variety of pieces waiting to beautify your living spaces but also a host of gallery owners bearing a wealth of knowledge on their featured artists. Gallery owners’ appreciation for art goes beyond simply collecting things of beauty – you’ll be stunned by their breadth of knowledge on the history of the pieces in their galleries, background on the artists’ lives and inspirations, and a first-hand take on what makes their art so special.

Moreover, art galleries host workshops and regular events like the 36th Annual Stormy Weather Arts Festival which allows visitors an opportunity to learn more about featured art, directly from the artists themselves.

Discover Art Around Every Corner

Cannon Beach is a destination unlike any other for art lovers with an appreciation for nature. When we say there’s art around every corner, we mean it. With installations like “Whale Ribs” by Nick Thomas Design Studio on the corner of Spruce St. and 3rd St., you’ll have a first-hand opportunity to discover Cannon Beach’s local art scene. The weathered ribs jutting curiously from the ground bear a gorgeous rusted finish with circular glass inserts that offer a transparent reminder of the stunning marine life that calls Cannon Beach its home. If you’re seeking an afternoon soaking in local art installations or browsing one of more than a dozen carefully curated galleries imaginatively inspired by the local landscape and culture, Cannon Beach offers visitors a wealth of artistic opportunities to explore. Whether you prefer visiting art galleries, viewing public art installations, strolling along sandy shores, or hiking through lush forests, there's beauty and art to uncover around every corner. Cannon Beach’s charming ambiance, friendly locals, and breathtaking vistas make it a must-visit spot on the Oregon coast. And best of all, you’ll discover beauty in nearly every place you look, because at Cannon Beach, art is everywhere.

Art Everywhere You Look