Basalt Studio will host a special art exhibit featuring the extraordinary work of Makoto Furuya, a distinguished Gyotaku and Cyanotype artist. We invite you to join us for the open reception on June 22 from 4-7 p.m., where you can experience Furuya's captivating portrayal of the Pacific Northwest's natural beauty.

Makoto Furuya's artistry is a heartfelt tribute to the ocean, designed to share his deep love for the sea and to ignite a sense of wonder in all who view his work. His pieces are more than just art; they celebrate the intricate designs and stunning beauty surrounding us in this picturesque region.

Sea to Paper: Wayfinding

Gyotaku (魚拓), a traditional Japanese method dating back to 1839, involves taking an impression of a fish by applying ink and rubbing it onto paper. Developed initially to record fishermen's catches, this technique has evolved into a respected art form that beautifully captures marine life's detailed textures and forms.

Cyanotype, discovered in 1842, is a photographic process that uses iron salts and UV light to produce prints with the distinctive Prussian blue hue. This technique gained prominence with Anna Atkin's groundbreaking publication of the first photographically illustrated book on British seaweed, which showcased its artistic and scientific potential.

Furuya's exhibit promises to be a mesmerizing experience, offering viewers a unique lens through which to appreciate the ocean's splendor. His Gyotaku prints vividly bring to life the delicate details of fish, while his Cyanotype works illuminate the striking contrasts and patterns found in marine flora and fauna.

Join Basalt Studio on June 22 from 4-7 pm to explore Makoto Furuya's remarkable collection. This event is the perfect opportunity to engage with art that delights the eye and deepens our connection to the natural world. Don't miss this chance to be inspired by the ocean's artistry through Furuya's masterful creations.