A person with a bicycle on the beach at sunset. Bicycle, person, and Haystack Rock all in silhouette.

Play on the beach during Cannon Beach Sandcastle's 60th Anniversary weekend June 15-17 and join us in celebrating our country's independence at our Fourth of July Parade!


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Top Places to Visit In and Around Cannon Beach
  • 3 minute read

National Geographic Magazine named Cannon Beach “one of The World’s 100 Most Beautiful Places” in their June 2013 issue and in 2023, one of the best U.S. beach towns to visit in the fall. That is no surprise to those who have experienced the miles of scenic sandy beaches with dramatic shoreline rock…

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On a sun-kissed weekend last June, mountain bikers across the Pacific Northwest descended on a trail system less than ten minutes east of Cannon Beach. While many who visit Oregon’s majestic coastline come for a variety of reasons, there are…


Beach Run Bliss

5 Essential Tips for a Joyful Jog on the Sands of Cannon Beach Hello fitness enthusiasts and beach lovers! Are you ready to combine your passion for running with the breathtaking beauty of Cannon Beach? To ensure your beach run is as enjoyable as it…